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Current Projects

No active projects going on.

Finished projects

These are the projects that have been finished on which I have participated.

Mobiserv (2009- 2013)

SGEM - Smart Grids and Energy Markets- 2013

SGEM was multimillion project developing smart energy grid solution in Finland. Our role was analysing the privacy risks on the architecture.

PTD - Personal Trusted Device (2003- 2005)

Personal Trusted Device project aims to develop infrastructure where customer's mobile terminal acts as the generic tool for variety of cases such as key to door, fitness assistant, generic guide etc.

Project wass funded by: Tekes, Nokia and Tunturi.

LKRT - Short-Range radio technologies (2002-2004)

The project concentrated on applying short-range wireless technologies in industrial and office environment.

Bluetooth and Services (2000-2001)

The project was part of bigger 3G project which had participants from various Finnish universities. 3G project goal was to develop big architecture for 3G services. 3G-BT part was to reasearch Bluetooth as an access technology for such services. The other goal for Bluetooth and Services was to research the new opportunities Bluetooth brings to service providing and how the new technology affects to the existing business models.

P925 - Internet Middleware (1999-2001)

P925 Eurescom site

P925 was Eurescom project that concentrated on designing middleware for helping creation and use of chargeable Internet services

PDPA - Protocol Design Patterns and Algorithms (1998-1999)

The project concentrated on researching existing protocol implementations to find out recurring patterns in them. Based on the research a method for developing protocols using UML tool was defined and a translators from Rational Rose UML model to middle language and from middle language to SDL were developed.

OVOPS - Object Virtual Operations System (1994-1997)

OVOPS project developed a C++ class library and related development tools for protocol development.